• Thank you for your love! Feel free to reach out to me! Your dream has come true.

How long have you been a fan?

  • I heard about you a long time ago, since pandemic year I follow you almost daily.
  • I really appreciate! So we’re are you from??
  • We are almost neighbours. If I ask you, are you the real Stjepan? You will go angry?
  • Lol. I won’t get angry besides you have every right to ask…
  • Thanks to SH I discovered this wonderful instrument, with an almost human voice. I admire SH for his talent and perseverance. I defend him against impostors and slanderers… Too many impostors. I’m fighting the windmills.
  • Well thank you very much for being wonderful and true fan. Can you please tell me more about yourself?
  • I am just telling you…
  • I guess you are a journalist….

And I could not answer him because this message appeared: ”sorry this page is no more available”, sign that I came across a fake again!