Last year, with the pandemic, was a difficult year for us. It was also difficult for the artists.

Because it can’t be easy to prepare concerts, sell tickets, have everything ready and suddenly hear the sarcastic voice of the Grand Director saying: „Stop Game”.

Proof is the cases of some who could not handle the situation and crashed…

We all dreamed in our youth about Jules Verne’s ”two-year vacation”, but a few months of forced rest become unbearable for an artist addicted to audiences and the stage. The so-called addiction is actually the essence of an artist’s life.

The pandemic year was also the year of (re) discoveries. Surely each of you has been through this. For me it was a revelation (re) discovery of an artist of extraordinary talent. Beyond the pleasure of listening to him perform the most diverse musical genres, I came up with something … hundreds of people who claimed to be him, the One!

These messages from impostors at first have intrigued me, then upset me and finally amused me. A question to which they had no way of knowing the answer was the method by which I sent them for a walk. One by one.

Only they don’t give up! And tray again:

Hello, it’s me…

  • ”Thanks for your likes and comments on my page. I really appreciate you….”
  • (Yes, I know. I had already this message.)
  • ”You’re talking with me in person my dear, and I’m really sorry for any inconveniences this must have caused you. It’s me!”

My question….and ”seen just now”, a week ago, but no answer!

(be continued)