• Thanks for your likes and comments on my page. I really appreciate you. It’s I. I’m finally and officially a part of the social networking world. Yes! It’s really me. I’ve sat back and watched those impostors try to exploit me over the years by creating websites and pages pretending to be me. I finally said to myself enough is enough! I deserve better and most importantly my fans deserve the best from me
  • Yes, I know. I had already this message. Tell to real Stjepan, he must be more CAREFUL with his documents. Some fake Hauser has his identity card too and he is asking for money! It s a shame that a such talented and well known artist as SH is melt in dirty cases
  • You’re talking with me in person my dear, and I’m really sorry for any inconveniences this must have caused you. It’s me! I would love you to please give me info of what transpired between you and my impresonator
  • I don t trust anybody…same picture, same text…same style…I must pose you some questions. You have to prove me your identity
  • I don’t have to prove myself cause I certainly don’t want anything to do with fans. I’m only trying to warn and sensitize my fans about those persons impersonating me on social networks. Please stay safe and take care


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