• Thanks for being a huge part of Classic Music evolution. We appreciate the massive love shown towards the waves of Classic Music especially during trying times like now with under an ongoing global pandemic. We acknowledge the Love. Stay tuned for more to come..
    Feel free to reach out
  • ….
  • How are you?
  • Sleepy. You?
  • Im good. You should sleep, where are you from?
  • I already told to somebody who said he was SH, but I can repeat. I know it’s unpleasant to be put in a position to prove who you are. The impostors are to blame. As long as Stjepan doesn’t correspond with anyone on social media … it’s clear that no one can be him!
  • I use this medium to know how my fans feel about me and thanks to you I have gotten information that imposters have texted you. I have and affiliate with the FBI working on this. Let me have your email address so I can send you a mail.
  • …..
  •  Are you interrogating me? Ok I get you are scared!

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