In two days 2cellos will perform in the city on the river side, in Budapest. I think it’s time to expose the scammers, those who are trying to make money without too much work.

In fact, they use the naivete and kindness of the fans. The false ones also make an effort, but what a pity for the energy wasted for deception!

How are they doing?

First they stole the picture and the cellist’s name. They ask to follow you, then send you a thank you message for being a fan and insist that you talk on WhatsApp or Hangout, they will ask for your g.mail address … a phone number. Then come the stories, adapted to the sensitivity of the interlocutors.

After a few tricky questions, some of them admit that they lied, others withdraw suddenly without any excuses. The cellist’s picture disappears from their account and „instagram user” appears instead of the name.

Looking for the information about the user you can find only this: ”Sorry, this page is not available. The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed.”

How do you recognize them?

Even if you didn’t know that Hauser doesn’t use social media to talk to fans, you would still realize that you’re dealing with liars. How so? Simple! These people have no idea about Hauser, Croatia, grammar rules, concerts, anything. They are insistent. Look for different reasons to squeeze money from you!

Let me give you some examples:

Instagram user: (ex hauser_cello3355)

”I just got this temporary page open to reach out to my fans for the immense support since the released of my new series after almost a year now

My official page is monitored by my management and there are millions of messages that I can never reply that’s why I took my time to get this temporary page opened❤️

Thank you for commenting on my fanpage. I appreciate your love and support in my career

Thanks for your love and support for my music and I hope you don’t stop listening to my music?.
I appreciate your love and support for my music. I hope you don’t stop listening to my music?”

Because I didn’t answer in 3 days, he asked me:

Do you speak English ??” (logical question anyway)

I’m not an angel either, I made him write in Hungarian. Mr. Google translates fine. From now on he lied in Hungarian.

(to be continued)