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Fake cellists are easy to spot. If you are a true fan, you know where your idol is performing, you know his past, you guess his future.
It’s not the same with fakes. That’s all they know, how to scam you, get some money from you.

I catch him quickly and ask him who he really is? And he beggins:

  • ”if I tell you who I am, will you send me money?
  • ”Send me your WhatsApp number I can talk to you there. And I promise if you help me I will stop and forever be grateful to you. I will not lie to you anymore!”-said a scammer.
  • ”Help me with 1000€ and I promise to stop this and go back to school.”
  • ”Am an orphan. No work in my country only the rich and survive”
  • ”So if you can’t help me then why do you advise me to stop ??”
  • ”I have home, but I am an orphan. I normally beg at the park to get some food. I live in a room. for free.”
  • ”Yes, only my phone and some clothes are my property!”
  • ”different people from different places in Nigeria all do that”

Me: Know that you failed to convince me! I feel sorry for you just for lying! So…stop doing this and go bac to school. To work. And one day you will thank me!!

Him: ”Only God knows my heart I won’t blame you because you are not God”

The very next moment: Sorry. ..this account…


”Do you mind if we continue our conversation in my private WhatsApp or hangout



“My passion is to show my audience the versatility of the cello”
Purchase your tickets for the upcoming tour@ stjepanhausermanagementteam01@erikamarginean

Him: Who long have you been my fan ???




Instagram user

  • Send me your number let chat privately my account is being monitored by my manager

Sorry, this page isn’t available.

Instagram user (in picture was a woman , the user name SH)

  • Hello here is stjepan Hauser may God bless you and your family for your love and support I appreciate

Insta user:

  • Can I have your WhatsApp number
  • Or hangout email so we can talk over there


Hauser cello 01

Magician of cello
I heal and touch the wounded heart
King of cello 🎻
I will make a great legacy 🎻❤️

an other:

  • Well I won’t force you to believe that you are talking with me then live it I wanted to call you a belief video call for you to see me and know that you are talking with me but with this your word let live it then I hate been denied of my personality am too old enough to play this kind of a game with people


  • Ok Send me your WhatsApp number let’s have a private chat there..

After I wrote to him that I had no money, the scammer replied: if you don’t have money, stop talking to me!


If you get lost in the messages, I’ll give you a summary. These ”ragamuffin” take advantage of people’s goodness and squeeze money out of them. If they let themselves be fooled. Scammers start with thanks for support and comments. Then he complains that they just have nothing to pay for the hotel, they need money for a lawsuit, his mother got sick and they need money for the operation, they want money for a phone card, video game cards, or according to the latest option, they ask money for school fees or a business start-up!

A true fan can’t be stupid!

A real fan blocks scammers, as I have blocked at least a few dozen if not hundreds of scammers in recent years.

It is unfortunate that the artist who worked for years to get to where he is now, has the image tarnished by scams!